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Nashville Ethics Board Rules No Punishment for Councilmember Joy Styles Despite Ethics Violation Verdict

Ethics Board Meeting Discussion

Nashville Ethics Board Concludes Councilmember Joy Styles’ Complaint Case

In a decisive meeting on Monday, the Metro’s Ethical Conduct Board in Nashville unanimously voted that Councilmember Joy Styles had violated the city’s ethical code. However, it also unanimously ruled that there would be no punishment, choosing to consider the unique circumstances of the case. This announcement puts an end to an intricate saga of a legal ethics complaint that has engaged the whole city in the past few weeks.

Councilmember Joy Styles Facing Retaliatory Complaint

The legal drama started when John Griswold, a disgruntled real estate agent, lodged a complaint against Joy Styles. Griswold’s dissatisfaction arose after Styles declined to support his property’s rezoning. In addition, Styles was late on filing financial disclosures and did not mention a property connected to her mother – both of which are unanimously regarded by the board members as technical violations of the Metro code.

Options Considered by the Board

The board was faced with four options – to recommend the council censure Styles, recommend Styles resign, refer the matter to District Attorney Glenn Funk, or to refer it to Metro Legal. However, the board found all the options too drastic and declined to choose any.

Vote Against Punishment

In a short hearing, Styles convincingly argued that Griswold’s complaint was retaliatory in nature and that her account oversights were unintentional. During 2024, 16 council members, including Styles herself, had submitted their financial disclosures late. Nevertheless, the board confirmed a technical breach of the Metro code.

However, four hours into the meeting, board member John Spragens expressed his discontent over the available disciplinary options. He commented, “I find that there’s a violation, but I don’t like what our options are for sanctions,” resonating with his fellow members.

Discrepancies in Nashville’s Ethical Conduct Code?

In reflecting on the case, Tinika Young, another board member, reportedly questioned whether the predicament presented by Styles’ case highlighted deeper issues with the Metro’s ethical conduct system. She compared the case to a previous one involving Lydia Yousief, which revealed questionable behavior but no clear ethical breach, suggesting that the system’s expectations might be unrealistic and punishing of minor oversights.

Disgruntled Real Estate Agent’s Complaint Deemed an “Abuse of the Process”

A crucial highlight of Monday’s proceedings was board member Tinika Young’s assertion that Griswold’s complaint appeared to be an “abuse of the process”. The real estate in question was neither generating income for Styles nor was it in Styles’ district. This observation shifted the case and was pivotal in the board’s unanimous decision not to impose sanctions on the councilmember.

The End of the Complaint Saga

Following a series of failed votes on possible sanctions, the board, advised by Metro Legal to proceed in good faith, was unable to come to a consensus. As a result, they decided not to pursue any of the suggested sanctions against Styles, effectively closing the ethics case.

The conclusion of the complaint saga involving Councilmember Joy Styles will certainly be met with a sigh of relief by the city of Nashville’s council members and residents alike.

Nashville Ethics Board Rules No Punishment for Councilmember Joy Styles Despite Ethics Violation Verdict

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