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Controversial Security Firm Seeks Permit to Boot Vehicles in Nashville Amidst Allegations and Regulatory Changes

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Controversial Security Company Applies for Permit to Boot Cars in Nashville

The Controversy Surrounding Solaren Risk Management

The security firm, Solaren Risk Management has recently drawn public interest as it applies for a license to boot vehicles on private property in Nashville. The company, notorious for allegations regarding the hiring of unlicensed guards — some who allegedly impersonated police officers, is venturing into the realm of vehicle booting. Their application is currently under review by the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission.

These developments follow previous instances of controversy involving the company. Solaren Risk Management was placed under scrutiny in 2020, in an investigation that found them guilty of hiring uncertified security personnel who went as far as to wear law enforcement identification. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has since collected multiple complaints against the firm and is actively investigating them.

Looking Ahead – Solaren’s Plans and Allegations

Amidst these allegations, Solaren’s CEO and founder, Jack Byrd denies any wrongdoing. Instead, Byrd has assured that the accusations were false and guarantees the company’s cooperation with all investigations. He highlighted their intent to enhance authentication and compliance protocols in their employment practices.

On the subject of the new booting license application, Byrd addressed the measure as a response to clientele inquiring whether Solaren’s security guards could enforce parking violations. Byrd believes the company could utilize its existing security personnel as booting technicians that can timely remove boots from vehicles as fines are paid.

Improvements for the Booting Industry

As the car booting industry in Nashville is also not without its controversies, local and state lawmakers have been drafting stricter regulations due to repeated resident complaints about predatory booting practices and the lack of grace periods for the removal of car boots. This scenario was exemplified in a case where a company was noted to be waiting to boot vehicles unlawfully parked at the Inglewood post office in East Nashville.

To combat this, a new law was passed by state legislators recently, banning unlicensed companies from booting vehicles and putting a cap of $75 on the removal fee for a boot. This bill, awaiting the governor’s signature, necessitates booting companies to remove the boot 45 minutes post-payment.

In unison with these new regulations, Byrd has assured that Solaren would offer a grace period to drivers, making way for accountable billing and efficient removal services. To evade any misunderstandings about identification, he also assured that hired personnel to would sport marked uniforms distinct from law enforcement and other security employees.

The Future of the Permit

The fate of Solaren’s booting permit application will be determined at a public hearing scheduled this Thursday, by the commission. Despite the company’s controversial background, Byrd remains confident about the potential improvements his company can bring to the booting industry in Nashville.

Controversial Security Firm Seeks Permit to Boot Vehicles in Nashville Amidst Allegations and Regulatory Changes

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